Document for the Masses

Document for the Masses

The masses have told us (in spite of what we think)

they are content and happy without us,

keeping up with the Kardashians,

taking the sting out of mediocrity

through high fashion and reality shows,

changing the world by Degrees,

volunteering for AIDS and hunger,

cooling earth and rescuing animals,


The people fight for the right to

raise and destroy children,

tell us black is white

and deviation in-between, gray.

Alternative is normal,

and normal is odd.


Sometimes on a glittering summer day

the sun spills down

upon the masses while they play.

They smile and laugh,

soaking in the superficial light.

Above all, they dream alone

in the dark at home

mainlining Internet streams

to stop the bleeding.

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  1. I’ll take my alternative with pineapple and Canadian bacon….:)

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