Taking Refuge

For those of you looking for a recent update on dad, please read my last post below, “Dad’s Last Hour.”

We were summoned to the hospital this morning for what we thought to be Dad’s last moments. Before we got there, he had rallied somewhat and stabilized. Then after a time of family consultation and prayer, we each had a private time with dad.

My time with him was precious. I thanked him for his generous heart, protection, and being such a wonderful provider. I also expressed regrets. The time was personally cleansing and a good step toward letting go for me.

I am emotionally drained. All of us are, especially Mom. And she more than any of us must press on. 

Now we are home for a rest. I am taking refuge in my home. I am puttering, cooking, straightening–rekindling the warm  feeling of home on this very cold day. Home is the center of life here on earth, and it is the place that we long for after this earth–a home we have never seen or touched.

Jesus said he would go ahead and prepare a place for us. Now I am thinking of dad who will proceed us and experience that place first. “I’ll be home for Christmas” may be really true for dad this year, that is in his heavenly home that has been especially prepared for him.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amrita Singh says:

    Dear friend i was web surfing and got your blog. Sorry to hear about your Dad. may the Lord comfort you and your family. i like your blog.

  2. Mary Jo Pierce says:

    There is something prophetic about your going home for a rest; taking refuge, puttering, straightening, rekindling.

    May God’s presence fill your home and Wayne Sr. home …
    Mary Jo

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