haiku: no sting in death


I have been awake since 3 AM–way too early to arise. But arise I did, reluctantly. I need more sleep for the very long day we will have today. There will be physical and emotional strain in saying good-bye, in seeing many people, in the journey to Bartlett and back. I need more sleep…

The silence of the early morning erases the din of the week. It is healing. The lights on the Christmas tree are shining against the dark and cold morning. I thought the death of my beloved father-in-law would tarnish this season forever, but I don’t feel that way at all. I still feel the strength of the holiday message: There is a Light that pierces the darkness to give hope to a hurting world. That Light is brightening what could be a very dark day–dad’s funeral. I feel the Spirit of God now giving me strength and even joy. 

Here are a few haiku about Dad’s passing. 


Hope is never more

real than at the death of one

redeemed by His blood.


Thank you for loving

me, for giving me a place

in your family.


Our parting is sad,

still joy bubbles up in the thought

you are at home now.


I will miss your laugh,

your smile, your caring heart, your



“No sting in death” is

not just a phrase for those who

mourn for one redeemed.


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